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Effective date: 1 January 2021


Nitro Cloud is required to establish rules for the use of services by its users to ensure the security of its users. Please read all terms carefully and make sure you accept all clauses. Your registration and use of Nitro Cloud services means that you agree to the terms and conditions and adhere to them.

Identity & Communication

  1. All customers are required to provide their identity information, including scanning the identity card to Nitro Cloud. If Nitro Cloud does not receive and control these documents when completing the purchase process and in order to facilitate and expedite matters, then Nitro Cloud always reserves the right to receive these documents, and by not submitting the documents on time, Nitro Cloud stipulates that the customer's property rights may be revoked and that the consequences of incorrect disclosure of the information will be borne directly by the customer.
  2. The customer acknowledges that all the identity information provided and the addresses and contact numbers and the like are correct and always tries to keep them up to date on the users' portal. Nitro Cloud has the right to receive a copy of this information from the customer whenever it needs to control this information, and Nitro Cloud has the right to suspend the user service to complete the correct and documented information.
  3. The acceptable communication method of Nitro Cloud with the customers are the customer's email address and support tickets, which will be registered in the user portal through his email.
  4. The acceptable communication method of the customer with Nitro Cloud is ticket system that by using it, the customer receives a ticket tracking number.


  1. Nitro Cloud rules are a function of the terms of data centers and other centers that he provides services from, and relying on the fact that these rules can be changed at the moment by them, Nitro Cloud reserves the right to make future changes to the rules. also, an updated version of the rules will be accessible from the Terms of Service page on Nitro Cloud website.
  2. Services just can be upgraded to a higher one and a downgrade is not possible. Invoice of difference will be generated automatically depending on the remaining time of service.
  3. Nitro Cloud reserves the right to make technical, hardware, software, or network changes to the services provided. In case of changes that affect the customer service, Nitro Cloud is obliged to notify customers about it before the changes are made, through its website, user portal, ticket system, or by sending a letter to the email address to the customer. Also, The customer is obliged to adapt to these changes.
  4. Whenever Nitro Cloud loses technical notification ability or he forced to do it because of technical urgency, he is not responsible for informing but will do his best to inform users.


  1. Nitro Cloud is not responsible for the incompatibility of the service with the needs of the user or for not using the services purchased and delivered by the customer.
  2. Customers can upgrade their services to a higher one, the upgrade cost is equal to the difference between the cost of two services compared to the remaining days of the service period, the invoice will be automatically calculated and generated.
  3. In case of any discrepancy between the purchased service and provided service to the customer, the customer is obliged to notify Nitro Cloud within one week from the date of the invoice, and Nitro Cloud is obliged to make the correction as soon as possible. otherwise, the responsibility of Nitro Cloud is limited to correcting the service only until the end of the service time in the invoice and the service time will not increase.


  1. Nitro Cloud is responsible for maintaining the basic security of its services with its security measures.
  2. Nitro Cloud is not responsible for the security weakness caused by the software, applications, or programs that are used by the customer.
  3. The customer is obliged to protect his passwords. If for any reason the user's password is given to a third party, Nitro Cloud is not responsible for the consequences.

Illegal activities

  1. Violation of any of the following conditions will result in the suspension of service. Nitro Cloud only detects violations of the terms.
  2. When Nitro Cloud becomes aware of a customer's breach of the terms and conditions, it will conduct a technical or legal investigation into the matter. After completing the investigation, Nitro Cloud will be allowed to limit, suspend or terminate the offending service, depending on the type of violation.
  3. Any action that is not mentioned here but is contrary to the laws of Nitro cloud or the country where the services are located, is also a violation of the terms of service. Nitro Cloud will not pay any money to the customer who violates the terms of service under any heading such as a claim for damages or the cost of the remaining period of service. Also, the offending customer will be responsible for compensating all material and moral damages to Nitro Cloud and other customers of Nitro Cloud:
    • Using software without respecting copyright
    • Install or use a program that disrupts the performance of virtual servers.
    • Send or run malicious files in any programming language and try to infiltrate the privacy of other users files or server files
    • Use malicious code such as viruses or sources that infect or compromise server security
    • Using poorly written programs that infiltrate the service and other services of Nitro Cloud and other customers
    • The existence of files containing the virus intentionally or inadvertently in the service space purchased
    • Send spam intentionally or unintentionally
    • Send emails with a high number outside the authorized limits of the service
    • Technical report of Nitro Cloud or Data Center regarding illegal actions
    • Using the service to disrupt or infiltrate third party systems
    • Failure to comply with the limits of use of resources and authorized network in each service

Services Content

  1. The Services of Nitro Cloud shall be used for lawful purposes. The transmission, storage, or dissemination of any information or data that is contrary to any executive law or directly contributes to a violation of a particular law is prohibited. This can include the following: (Of course, it is not limited to the following)
    • Put any data covered by licensed copyright law and without a license
    • Unauthorized use of other people's trademarks and trade names
    • Unauthorized use of other people's logos
    • Insulting any person, group, organization, ethnicity, or country
    • Spreading lies against others
    • False and untenable claims
    • Internet scams and any factor that deceives visitors
    • Sites active in the field of HYIP or with a pyramid system
    • Selling or advertising any unauthorized products or services under the laws of the country where the servers are located
    • Sites related to or sponsoring known international terrorist groups
    • Using Nitro Cloud Services to store, send, display, transmit, advertise, or otherwise act on data relating to pornographic, adult, and immoral matters in any form
  2. The content of the purchased service or domain is entirely the responsibility of the customer. This liability will include cases of intentional misconduct or cases committed by third parties.
  3. The customer does not have the right to use the content of third parties without obtaining their consent. In case of announcing these persons to Nitro Cloud and presenting acceptable positive documents for Nitro Cloud, then Nitro Cloud reserves the right to immediately discontinue the service until the full investigation and the customer is responsible for compensating all damages to third parties and Nitro Cloud.

Customer Responsibility

  1. Customers are responsible for their purchased service. They must also respect the rights of other customers of Nitro Cloud. Nitro Cloud reserves the right to permanently suspend or discontinue customer service that intentionally or unintentionally disrupts the service of other customers.
  2. All responsibilities for not using the purchased service correctly are with the customer and Nitro Cloud is only responsible for providing standard service and based on the technical obligations announced.
  3. Any insults to the services, staff, and managers of Nitro Cloud through any means of communication such as email, ticket system, live chat, and website are prohibited and Nitro Cloud will have the right to completely discontinue the service as well as a legal complaint.


  1. Providing support services in Nitro Cloud is based on the support department and 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, requests that are announced via email will be considered with less importance.
  2. The accepted support way is opening a ticket on the support department, which specifies the exact time of sending the request, the exact processing time, and the identity of the purchase.
  3. In case of dissatisfaction with the support and technical department, the user should immediately (within 24 hours from the time of occurrence) announce the situation by sending a ticket to the management department.
  4. Nitro Cloud is not responsible for the non-compliance of the purchased service with the customer's needs but tries to solve the user's problem as much as possible.
  5. Nitro Cloud is not responsible for the installation and operation of the software that is not approved by the technical department.


  1. Nitro Cloud has no obligation to renew domains that have expired. It is not possible to renew an expired domain after 3 weeks from the expiration date. Domain renewal in these circumstances is dependent to the domain being free or renewable.
  2. Upon request for registration or transfer of the domain by the customer, if it is not possible to do by the domain registrar, or while completing the registration process, the domain is registered by another person, Nitro Cloud is only obliged to return the registration fee or transfer that domain to the customer's account in the user area section.
  3. If a customer requests the transfer of his domain to another hosting company, Nitro Cloud does not have the right to prevent the transfer process from being completed.

Web Hosting Terms

  1. Nitro Cloud is not responsible for uploading data to the Customer hosting service or downloading her information for free.
  2. Nitro Cloud is not responsible for installing the software for the customer for free.
  3. In a web hosting reseller service, if disk space is used more than the space purchased, the service will be upgraded in the plan and the use of the extension will be based on the new plan.
  4. Nitro Cloud is allowed to scan the customer service by antivirus and anti-shell software and delete infected and malicious files at any time without prior notice.
  5. It is not possible to install and change the version of any software, tools, and packages based on the customer's request.

VPS and Cloud Servers Terms

  1. Virtual and cloud servers are provided as Unmanaged (Self Managed). Nitro Cloud is not responsible for the technical support of the cloud server and virtual server. Unless otherwise stated in the invoice.
  2. Nitro Cloud is responsible for the technical support of the server only in case of problems that cause a lack of access to the remote server, and of course, if the problem is due to the customer's activities, support cost will be received from the customer
  3. In case of a hardware problem that causes a lack of access to the server, the customer is obliged to report the case to Nitro Cloud support department and Nitro Cloud is obliged to replace the defective hardware of the main server for free or deliver a new and raw server with purchased specifications.
  4. All Unmetered traffics are under Fair Usage Policy.


  1. Generally, it is the responsibility of the customers to make a backup copy of the data and files, and all customers should keep a backup of all the data they need in a place other than Nitro Cloud equipment and servers. In case of any problem and inability to restore data from the backup archive, no objection will be heard and Nitro Cloud has no responsibility in this regard.
  2. The responsibility for backing up the services of cloud servers, virtual servers, and storage web hosting is solely the responsibility of the customer and Nitro Cloud has no responsibility in this regard.
  3. Nitro Cloud will take a backup from customer files and databases on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. But Nitro Cloud has no responsibility for the accuracy and safety of backups and their up-to-dateness.
  4. All backups are stored in a location out of the reach of the customer.
  5. Nitro Cloud has no responsibility for backing up blocked services.

Billing & Refund

  1. The payment method is listed in the client area. In general, the customer is obliged to keep his payment documents until the end of the service period.
  2. The customer is obliged to inform and follow up with Nitro Cloud after paying the fee for renewal of service. Nitro Cloud has no responsibility for payment without informing by customers to renew the services. The customer will be responsible for the expiration or loss of the domain, even if payment has been made but Nitro Cloud has not been notified. This notification is only documented through the support section.
  3. Web hosting services, virtual server and cloud server up to 7 days after purchase have a money back guarantee in case of technical problems. There is a technical problem that Nitro Cloud is not able to solve.
  4. The money back guarantee does not include the domain, IP, license and amounts received for installation and configuration of service and technical work.
  5. Amounts deposited to increase the credit balance of the customer's account in the client area are non-refundable and the customer can use that credit to purchase or renew the service. Also, the cost of services purchased from the customer's account credit will be refunded only to the customer's account credit.
  6. If a customer needs a refund, according to the money laundering rules, he must first confirm that the transaction was made from the name and email of his client area, and then the possibility of a refund will be provided. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the client area.
  7. Nitro Cloud reserves the right to deduct a reliable amount of refund using bank pressure and fees in order to return the service.
  8. If the buyer service is blocked due to violation of the rules mentioned in the "Illegal activities" section, no refund will be made.
  9. The ceiling of damages proven by the dispute resolution authority to the customer for each type of service will be at most equal to half of the cost of that service for the current contract of the same service.

Other Terms

  1. Failure to implement part of the terms and conditions of Nitro Cloud Agreement to the Customer or others does not constitute an endorsement of the Customer for breach of the Rules.
  2. After renewing the service, the new expiration date of an expired service will be calculated from the previous expiration date. Also, Nitro Cloud will not be responsible for maintaining and providing information and data of the buyer after the expiration date.
  3. Nitro Cloud makes every effort to guide the customer in technical matters, but the customer is responsible for the technical information of the service and Nitro Cloud is not responsible for teaching how to use the service properly.
  4. Nitro Cloud has no responsibility for failing to meet its obligations in the event of a force majeure such as natural disasters, war, riots, social unrest, explosions, strikes, government restrictions. However, in the event of such cases, Nitro Cloud will make every effort to reduce the effects of these cases. The occurrence of any case of force majeure will not cause buyers to violate the terms of service. In case of force majeure, Nitro Cloud will have the right not to provide services until the cases are resolved.